Michelle Price

A self-described "social media capitalist", Michelle Price is a dynamic and results-oriented online business strategist who has recently capitalized on another hot trend - digital self-publishing. Using digital publishing, she has discovered there are only two types of social media. One makes you money. One just makes you tired.


Price is an innovator, pioneer and leading expert in creating "blue ocean" strategies for experts and authors, a unique market strategy that makes your competition irrelevant.


When you integrate blue ocean with proven social media strategies, you quickly build credibility, trust AND an expanded online presence. With her systems entrepreneurs, authors and experts can accelerate, grow and monetize an online platform of raving fans to boost business through the roof.


A leader in using new technologies for 10 years, Michelle has always had a keen sense for the next big thing. Today, with the new ebook “digital self-publishing revolution” leading the way, Michelle’s expertise is highly sought after for her intuitive ability to leverage the power of Social Web technology to monetize *existing*, overlooked content assets (ie.print books, ebooks, presentations) in a way that creates "revenue positive" lead generation, recurring income, feels good, and cements lasting relationships with clients. And creates a business you can actually sell.


And for seven years since she escaped Cubicle Nation, 100% of her clients have come from her network by referral only.


contact: michellep@athirdmind.com


Speaker Fee: $7,500