Jitendra Darling & Pia Lizana

Jitendra and Pia blend their wisdom and spirit of unconditional loving kindness in a commitment to restore the power of conscious, loving choice to all who desire it through their groundbreaking Core Awakening Journey accelerated evolution programs.


Jitendra Darling, founder of Institute for Dynamic Intelligence and Core Awakening Journey is a spiritual teacher, shaman and channel for embodied awakening. Sparked by a spiritual awakening into Oneness in 1975, he has spent the last 35 years exploring and teaching embodied transformation, emerging as a leading authority in the new paradigm of integrated human development.


Jitendra developed the Instinctual Survival Zone™, a groundbreaking model that illuminates why core negative life patterns persist with such force. He also created the potent 5-step ALOHA Practice™ that rapidly restores balance to, and evolves, one’s mind, body, emotion and spirit. Core Awakening Journey is a complete spiritual and personal growth program that restores dignity, freedom and choice where so many have been stuck and frustrated for decades.


Jitendra has published How To Fall In Love With Your Self and is currently working on two books due for release this year and early next; Core Initiation: A Home Study Primer for Embodied Awakening and Restoring Dignity: Unconditional Love For Our Human Experience.


Pia Lizana, Managing Director of Core Awakening Journey, passionately provides 15 years of corporate expertise as a technical and organizational consultant, as well as nearly 30 years of profound spiritual practices and a natural gift of healing, to the expansion of Core Awakening Journey. Pia shares her love and understanding of Core Awakening Journey with others through coaching and mentoring as a Core Awakening Journey Practitioner. She also assists Jitendra in teaching these programs.


The Law of One says, “I am what I see.” All relationships are founded on One, the one with your Self. Core Awakening Journey's vision is an ever-widening and deepening embodiment of Love toward a global heart ignition. In embodied Love, everything is possible.


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Speaker Fee: $5,000 - $12,000