Max Simon

A Global Authority in Aligning Consciousness & Business For Your Wealth & Well-Being


Max Simon is an utterly unique conscious entrepreneur who is able to masterfully blend his extensive background in personal transformation, consciousness, wellness, and meditation with his cutting-edge knowledge and training in real world business, marketing, and success.


Born into a family of poetically brilliant teachers, Max has been surrounded by conscious business, wellness, and meditation his entire life. Son of David Simon M.D., bestselling author, speaker, and physician, and Julia Simon, an accredited Transcendental Meditation teacher, Max began learning about the mind-body connection at the ripe age of 4 when he received his first meditation technique.


Fresh out of business school, he became the Director of Consumer Products for the Chopra Center for Wellbeing, an internationally acclaimed health and wellness center co-founded by legendary author and speaker Deepak Chopra M.D. and his father David Simon M.D. Using the tools and strategies he teaches, he transformed this small unprofitable division into a multi-million dollar business in just a few years by evolving the products, strategy, and marketing. Simultaneously, he became the youngest certified instructor in the history of the organization and traveled the world teaching stress management, meditation, yoga, and wellness to thousands at the Chopra Center’s prestigious events.


Today, Max is recognized as a global authority in helping you translate your knowledge, passion, and experience into a thriving business that create great wealth and abundance and make a powerful impact on the world. He spends his time traveling the world as a professional speaker, putting on life-changing LIVE events, coaching select purpose-driven, and writing books. For his powerful contributions at such a young age, Martha Stewart awarded Max to be the “Next Big Idea” in Body & Soul Magazine.


His passion in life is to show people how to live on-purpose and make a profoundly positive impact on the world while achieving visionary levels of wealth, success, and freedom. He believes this is only possible when you are selfcentered: AKA centered in yourself.