Norma Hollis

As America’s Leading Authentic Voice Doctor®, Norma T. Hollis helps people find, live and share their authentic voice. She defines authentic voice as the "person you were born to be" and "the voice you were sent to the world to share". She has developed the Authentic Voice System and is transforming lives worldwide with a focus on building entrepreneurs who are aligned with their purpose. Norma offers many products and services that enable people to know themselves on a deep level, become self-sufficient through their gifts and talents then step into entrepreneurial roles using their gifts and talents to fulfill their life assignment.

Norma’s path to authentic voice began in the field of early childhood development. She directed private and non-profit child care programs in Michigan and California. Most noted for her work with Head Start, Norma reached the top of this industry, directing $10 million programs serving up to 1500 children. Through this process she developed a deep understanding of human development and the gifts and talents we are born with. She became a champion of children’s spirituality to help parents and caregivers deepen their understanding of natural gifts and talents and direct parenting in the path of the child’s authentic voice. She also became a spiritual director to gain a deeper understanding of gifts and talents as it relates to spiritual growth and development at all ages.

In her second career she was an entrepreneur for 15 years in the professional speaking industry. Norma was the first African American woman to own a speakers bureau focused on African Americans. She also started the very first directory of African American speakers on the internet. This led her to understand not only what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur but also how speakers use their natural gifts and talents to share their authentic voice through their message and delivery on stage.

She is now in her third career as an authority on authenticity, Norma helps people find, live and share their authentic voice. She is preparing Authenticity Ambassadors to share the message of authenticity through speaking opportunities, preparing Authenticity Coaches who will assist others with their authentic voice and conducting Authenticity Coaching Forums to help entrepreneurs and those in career transition to identify their gifts and talents and monetize them in a business setting.

Speaker Fee: $5,000 to $10,000