Dolly Garlo

Dolly Garlo is a world leader in legacy planning and development. Her focus is helping experienced professionals and business owners discover what’s next, pursue their deepest, most meaningful interests, and make a positive difference … that lasts.

A registered nurse and former health care attorney, professional board certified coach, trained mediator, author and professional speaker, Dolly has 30+ years of experience in the fields of healthcare, law and business. She is best known for her expertise in business development, strategic marketing design, professional career and life transition, fashioning corporate social responsibility projects, the pursuit of social entrepreneurism, and philanthropic efforts devoted to the people, places and things her clients care most about. Her clients are members of Generation G (for generosity)!

She knows the territory by both training and experience. She retired from active law practice when she realized the passive income from her investments afforded her financial independence … and proceeded to have a personal identity crisis over what to do next with her life. In addition to designing a life that allows her to spend time in the mountains and the ocean (skiing, hiking, boating, snorkeling, scuba diving and pursuing environmental preservation activities), Dolly completed professional coach training and board certification to add that powerful method to her other skills and tools for helping people be and achieve their highest and best in life. She then began to explore the practical aspects of contribution and meaning.

Her philosophy? Make a big impact by designing your work and creating an exceptional life, making sure that all your actions reflect your personal integrity and values, greatest level of wellness, highest and best contribution, and individual sense of abundance – for which you can feel exceedingly grateful. These are the keys to true satisfaction and happiness from which you can also be a leader who "makes a positive difference that lasts for generations."

Dolly has created THE most comprehensive program for legacy development for women in the world today, which she delivers in a virtual program called "The 7 Steps to Creating Your Legacy," via VIP Strategic Planning Days, and long-term individual and group Platinum Design and Implementation Programs. Her own first legacy project, the Garlo Heritage Nature Preserve ( was developed as a collaboration between her family’s farm and the Seneca County Ohio Park District. And she has a big goal – to develop 100,000 legacies, by helping others discover and build theirs.

She is President of Thrive!!® Inc. and Founder of Creating Legacy™. Learn more about her work at

Speaker Fee: Under $5,000