Jerry Conti

Jerry Conti, Founder and CEO of CompassionHappens Inc, began his career as an Operational Executive with Conti Corp, now an $350+ million Family-owned business enterprise, where he learned invaluable personnel and management skills. Seeking more independence and autonomy, Jerry moved into direct sales and now brings over 16 years of experience in executive roles within the direct sales industries to CompassionHappens. He has run several multimillion dollar direct sales businesses, including an international team of thousands of consultants in U.S. and Canada as a National Vice President for Arbonne. Jerry co-founded a Telecomm Network Marketing company called Wealthnet Inc. - now a publicly traded company known as inContact located in Utah, which is a successful a call center and software provider. He also launched several educational companies in the direct sales industry, including Effortless Networker University- a coaching and mentoring company whose clients included distributors from direct sales companies including NuSkin, Amway, Infinity2, ForMor, Melaluca, Tahitian Noni, InnerLight, Univera, YTB and Arbonne International. In 2010 is Co-Founded MasterUAcademy, an elite Joint Venture speaker's platform that generates hundreds of thousands of emails. Jerry serves on the advisory board for The I AM Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit located in San Diego, CA. He was also featured in the popular recent documentary film "The Compass".

Phone: 800-401-9171



Speaker Fee: $5000-$10,000