Sherry Watson

Over 28 years ago Sherry Watson went from being a wife, a mom, a concert pianist... living the American dream... and in an instant... lost control of her life and destiny. Sherry was in a severe accident that nearly took her life and left her in a coma. With her skull fractured and the right side of her body paralyzed, a respirator machine breathed for her as she drifted in and out of consciousness. Doctors gave her family almost no hope that she would survive – let alone be able to function normally. Not only did she fight to regain her life, she defied the odds and went on to bear two more children, earn her college degree, and become president of a national organization for people with disabilities in Washington, DC. Through this experience she learned to "Let Go of Fear" and "Never Give Up". Although she had a tragic accident, she found her purpose in life. Sherry learned how to design programs using Grant Money that changed people’s lives in a powerful way. The success stories and testimonials can not be measured in dollars alone. Sherry will teach you how to get Grant Money so that you can experience this same success, whether it's financially, or finding your purpose in life and turning your dream into a reality. With over 25 years experience in getting Grant Money, Sherry has helped Real Estate Investors, Small Businesses, Large Corporations and 501 (c) (3) Corporations get Grant Money. She has even built her most recent business into a Multi-Million Dollar Corporation using Grant Money. Now, she's ready to "unveil" her easy to follow step-by-step system that will put you on the fast track and get you the Grant Money you need. Once you get your feet on the road, you’ll find the journey much easier than you ever imagined with her step-by-step system.

Speaker Fee: $5,000 to $10,000