Traci Carman

Traci Carman is the Founder and CEO of A Loving Way ~ How I Parent Makes a Difference. She is also the creator of the "Who I Am" Energy Cards. Most importantly, she is the mother of three children.


Traci has been a mother and entrepreneur for over 23 years. Rather than going back to work after her first child was born, she started her own business, and has been a self-employed stay-at-home mom ever since.


She is certified as a Master Results Coach, Performance Consultant, Reiki Master, and Trainer of NLP and Neurological Repatterning. She is also certified in Meditation.


Traci is a supporter of APPPAH (Association of Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health), was a past Coordinator for MOMS Club International, and has served on the PTA Board in her community. She has volunteered in the classroom and public school system for 15 years, and has several years of experience homeschooling her children.


She is a speaker, coach and author, known for her practical and intuitive style. Traci has been interviewed on the radio, has appeared on TV, and was nominated for the For You Network Have A Heart Award - Sphere of Influence.


Traci believes everyone has a gift to share with the world. Her gift is in remembering "Who I Am." Her philosophy is that we are all born knowing who we are and why we are here. As we grow up, we forget. We then go through years of counseling and self-help, in the hopes of finding ourselves again.


It is time to bridge that gap. It is time for adults to remember who they are, and to support children in never forgetting. We must step into our true essence, and be the Light that we are meant to be.


Business Phone: 800-647-1171




Speaker Fee: Under $5,000