Arthur Tubman

Arthur Tubman began his entrepreneurial career running his own painting company at age 19. Within two years he became one of the top franchisees- That was only the start. After moving on from his painting company, Arthur entered the finance industry, helping to launch the commercial division of S and P Mortgage. He helped create a multi-billion dollar pipeline in matter of months. In 2007, as the financial markets crashed, Arthur began evaluating other opportunities. He started a direct sales business and within 8 months, was able to achieve a multiple 6-figure income and coach others to do the same. Arthur later discovered the world of Social Media. He found that he had a passion for learning it and even more so—teaching it, coaching on it and speaking about it. Throughout 2009, Arthur hosted a free online portal teaching over 1,000 people how to use Social Media and setup their various profiles. He attracted over a dozen speaking opportunities and was published as "the Twitter kid of Fort Lauderdale" by a local business magazine. In late 2009, he masterminded the concept of a service-based system that would assist people in learning how to blog, without the headaches of constructing the blogs themselves. In the Process he Co-Founded Social Spin and Free Blog Factory. Arthur holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance from American Intercontinental University. Arthur is the visionary and original founder of D4Y Brand Builder and has experience managing teams that will be essential in building this firm. Arthur teamed up with BuildingABrandOnline because of their incredible training programs and pre-established affiliate system. Arthur’s sales expertise will help train the current BABO affiliates and help outsource certain tasks so the team can have more results across more countries.

Speaker Fee: $5,000 to $10,000