Pete Parker

Peter S. Parker volunteered for Army Special Operations at age 19, and successfully completed the grueling training required to join the elite Airborne Rangers.


After spending 4 years in the Rangers, he left the Army and pursued his degree in Programming and Computer Electronics. He began his professional career at Honeywell as an Engineer designing electronic systems. Over the years, his career transitioned from Engineering to Project management to Sales.


In the early 90's his Entrepreneurial spirit took over, and he started and ran 3 corporations over a 17 year span, and retired in 2007.


In 2009 he revived the then defunct Orange County Power Team (now the 7th Power Team), a non profit organization, where he spends time teaching fellow growth oriented people. He is involved in several other non profit organizations as well.


He is also a business coach for a major consulting organization whose high end clients include many of the top fortune 500 companies in America.


In his spare time, he enjoys photography, traveling and seminars.