Rachel Flower

Rachel Flower is an author, speaker and the co-founder of Senssoma, providing transformation programs for individuals and organizations, including Fortune 500 companies. Drawing decades of training, practice and research into the nature of consciousness, meditation, and brain fitness she delivers her uniquely experiential workshops, retreats and training programs to people from all walks of life – from CEOs and global companies, to grass roots organizations and refugees. Rachel is also the lead facilitator for The Peaceful Woman Corp. and is a founding certified trainer for the Nine Point Brain Tune Up ™system.


Born in UK, she has lived overseas more than half her life. Yearning for a deeper understanding of life, in the 80’s she headed East, living in Hong Kong, Thailand (where she ran a meditation center for 9 years), Australia, India, New Zealand and now finally the US since 2005. Drawing from the wisdom of the many masters she studied with in the East and the West she has created a new modality called Quantum Sensing™ tapping into the mind/body-brain/spirit connection for fulfillment and peak performance.


While living in Thailand hundreds of her travel and human interest articles were featured in national and international magazines and newspapers in Asia, UK, USA and Australia. In Australia she appeared extensively in the media for her unique approach to inspiring passion and purpose in people and organizations.


She has a great passion for humanitarian projects, being very involved in coordinating the UNICEF project ‘Global Cooperation for a Better World’ in the 90’s. She also set up, raised funds and delivered teacher-training programs for Burmese Refugees along the Thai-Burma border. Her current passion is to support US and Liberia-based Youth Action International. She’s also a founding member of 1000 Women can Change the World and on the board of Pets for World Peace.